christine mackey bird on wire

Artist Statement
Christine Mackey is an artist and independent researcher who employs diverse disciplines, subject matter and tactics in devising works that can generate different kinds of knowledge of place - their hidden histories and ecological formations. Using diverse graphic sources and quasi-scientific methods, her work explores the interactive potential of art as a research tool and its capacity for social and environmental change.

Artist Biog
Christine Mackey was born in Co. Kilkenny and lives and works in North Leitrim. Her practice combines site-specific and public works, exhibitions, performance, and art-books. Mackey has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally and is a recipient of numerous awards and artist residencies. In 2002, Mackey graduated with an MA Time-Based and Performance Studies at Dartington College of Art, England and was recently awarded a practice-based PhD at the University of Ulster, Belfast (2012).



Selected solo (SE) and group exhibitions (GE)

Seed Matter Part II ‘Living Fields’ Leitrim Sculpture Centre. SE
Shelf-Life (IRISH WAVE 3) in Beijing, 2012 curated by Fion Gunn GE
TULCA Arts Festival, Galway (GE)
Outlanders Satis House, Belfast, Northern Ireland. GE
The Wood Between the Trees Occupy Space, Limerick. GE

Seed Matter and ‘other’ stories
The Butler Gallery. SE
Personal Taste Limerick City Gallery of Art. GE

Intimate Formations The Galway Arts Centre, Galway. GE
Scoping Worlds, Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Ireland. GE
HUB/SchUB Mediations Biennale 2010, The Municipal Gallery, Poland. GE

Sound-Lines e-MobilArts The State Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki. GE
Sound-Lines e-MobilArts The Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice, Poland. GE
It’s not what I have started… Studio Golo Brdo, Croatia (solo exhibition). SE
The Garden for Ostenda & other works RIAA – Argentina GE
Intimate Formations Drawing Spaces, Lisbon, Portugal. SE
Riverwork(s) Bristol Artist’s Book Event, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol, U.K. GE
Riverwork(s) 12th International Book Exhibition, University of Leeds, Leeds, U.K. GE
Riverwork(s) Liverpool Artists Book Fair, Greenland Street Gallery, U.K. GE

RIVERwork(s) The Sligo Art Gallery, Exhibition and Publication. SE
India MEDIATIONS II BIENNALE Museum Of Modern Art, Poznan, Poland. GE
Sewinglines Limerick City Gallery Drawing Collection, Roscommon Arts Centre. GE
Way Marks New Drawing Works, Drogheda Arts Centre. GE
Reconnaissance 100 Intervention, Birr Arts Festival. GE
Temp. Response Unit New Sites New Fields Leitrim Sculpture Centre. GE
Trade-Off TRADE Residency. Site-specific Interventions and Exhibition. GE
India UNOACTU Dresden, Prager Spitze, Germany. GE
Way Marks COE Claremorris Open, Mayo, Curator Ingrid Swenson. GE
India Camouflash Patio Art Center in Lodz, Poland. GE

40 Shades of Green CHICAGO EXPO SOFA. GE
Points of Departure Context Gallery, Derry, Northern Ireland. SE
Tidings – from here to there The Lab Galley, Dublin. SE
Provisional Doubting Straits Contemporary Art Museum, San Jose, Costa Rica. SE

Provisional Teor/e Tica, Costa Rica, Central America. SE
40 Shades of Green Dixon Galley, Memphis, U.S.A/Gallerija Arka, Lithuania. GE
This Place Site-ations International, Sense in Place, Irish representative in Wales. GE
40 Shades of Green Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork. GE

In progress The Irish Museum of Modern Art, The Process Room, Dublin, Ireland. GE
Exploring Drawing Skibberean Arts Center, Cork. SE
Longitude/Latitude Catalyst Arts Gallery, Belfast. GE
Trunk Show Artist as Traveller, King House, Roscommon/Sirius Arts Gallery, Cork. GE
Imagine ev+a Limerick City Gallery of Art, Curator Zdenka Badinovae. GE

Fragments The Model Arts & Niland Gallery, Sligo. SE

Awards and Public Commissions

Visual Bursary Award, The Arts Council, Ireland.
Connections – Artists in Communication, editor Susanne Bosch - publication.
Strands 1 Time out of Mind Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin – education booklet.
The Flora of North Leitrim, (ongoing-new set of cyanotype drawings) Leitrim County Council Art Collection.
Line Exploring Space, (new set of drawings for publication) IMMA Dublin.

Research Bursary Award, Leitrim County Council.

International Travel Bursary, University of Ulster, Belfast.
Travel and Training Award, The Arts Council, Ireland.
Visual Bursary Award, The Arts Council, Ireland.

International Trade Bursary, Leitrim County Council.
International Travel Bursary, Culture Ireland.
Travel and Training Award, The Arts Council, Ireland.

International Travel Bursary, Culture Ireland.
Public Art Commission, Sligo County Council.
Visual Arts Bursary Award, The Arts Council, Dublin.
Travel Award, University of Ulster, Belfast.
One-off Project Award (AFTER), The Arts Council, Dublin.
Research Bursary Award, Leitrim County Council.

Visual Artist Bursary, The Arts Council, Ireland.
Vice-Chancellor’s Research Scholarship, University of Ulster, Belfast.
TRADE Residency, Leitrim County Council.

Public Arts Researcher, Sculpture in Woodland, Wicklow.
Public Art Commission, Dublin City Council.

Publication Award, Arts Council, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Public Art Commission, Racecourse View Estate, Sligo.

Public Art Commission, Lough MacNean Sculpture Trail, Fermanagh.
Bursary, Bank of Ireland Millennium Scholarship.

Public Art Commission, The Women's Centre, Derry.


International and national residencies

Artists in Schools Project, Leitrim County Council.

Fort Dunree Studio Residency, Donegal.

Seeing Across Borders, Cavan.
Research trip to the Island of Spitzbergen, Artic.
[Global Seed Vault

RIAA – Argentina.
Drawing Spaces, Lisbon, Portugal.

The Nature of Sligo, Kids Own Publishing Partnership, Sligo.

Exercises In Folkatronic, Dublin.
Visual Dialogues, North Tipperary Arts County Office.
TRADE with artist Alfredo Jaar, Leitrim/Roscommon Co.Co.
Sanskritti Art Foundation, New Delphi, India.

Firestation Artists Studios –Arts Residency Award.
Site-ations International, Wales.
Fundación Arts Teor é Tica, Costa Rica, Central America.

Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, Ireland.